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Paola Pafumi

Paola painting a vase

My early career as a hairdresser in my hometown of Brescia, Italy taught me to shape hair with my hands.  In my spare time I studied drawing, and oil and porcelain painting.

After immigrating to the United States I was swept up in the world of artistic expression through shaping and glazing clay and studied ceramics in the ASUC studio at University of California Berkeley.  I explored many techniques used in ceramics: pit fire, raku, high fire, stoneware, low fire, tile making and sculpture.   Through these experiences I found a path to combine my two loves - shaping and painting - by practicing an old Italian tradition, Maiolica.

Paola working on a piece

Ten years ago I started an intensive immersion in Maiolica by studying with masters in Faenza and Florence, Italy.  I handcraft my clay shapes and then paint and fire them with my unique designs.

I have taken classic shapes in new directions, resulting in a successful line of unique and affordable functional Maiolica.  I particularly enjoy working with clients on custom projects to satisfy their unique requirements: tile tables, vases, wall plates…